Get Ready for Spring

Say bye bye to those dark mornings and give a big hello to brighter and sunnier days! Spring is here people!-- Well, it's still chilly, but hey, we will take all the glorious sunlight and good vibes we can get. We love all of the seasons Boise gives us but there is something about the [...]

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Weekly Real Estate Tip

#1 Bigger isn't always better. Whether you're a first time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate veteran, sometimes it is easy to get caught up on what we are able to get the most  for our money. Let's face it, we all love the largest and prettiest house on the block. With the huge yard, [...]

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First-Time Homebuyer?

We have been looking around for precise and accurate information for first-time homebuyers. There is a ton of bad information out there and we wanted to be accurate and lead our clients in the right direction. Thanks to Remax, we have honest and accurate info for you and your next big decision. Challenges for First-Time [...]

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Community Fitness

Superhero Homes is inviting you to FREE community fitness Saturday's at Dream Body Fitness. EVERY SATURDAY at Dream Body Fitness there is Yoga @ 7:30am, HIRT @ 8:15am, and Battle Ready @ 9:00am. There is NO cost..and no membership required for these classes... and it is for everyone and anyone, yes YOU. Bring friends! This [...]

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Let’s go to Mexico!

We are over the moon with the excitement our first Buy a Home, Build a Home project has created! If you still haven't heard, Superhero Homes and select individuals will be headed down to Mexico the last weekend in September. We want YOU to come. Spots are limited but if you email our marketing coordinator [...]

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Let’s Build A Home

We are excited to announce our partnership with Amor. As most of you know, Superhero Homes, along with our passionate clients, want to be even more service oriented in 2018. While all of our team members volunteer and advocate for what they're passionate about, we noticed we were lacking a "team" drive. Something we could [...]

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Give a Meal

This time of the year always reminds me to be thankful for what I have, to not wish for what I don't have and to always give back. One of the programs we want to highlight this month is Metro Meals on Wheels. I am sure most of you have heard about this program but [...]

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Rock the Holiday Parties

Once again, another year flew by. We survived the Spring, Summer, Fall and now we are on the cusp of a brand new winter and year! With the seasons changing and 2017 coming to a close it is now time for the ever-anticipated or dreaded, depending on who you are, HOLIDAY PARTIES! If you're anything [...]

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Vegan Thanksgiving…. WHAT!?

As you all know by now, Roslyn is our fitness guru. She gives great tips whether it be fitness or eating healthy. The best part about having our very own savvy fitness expert on our team? Her recipes DON'T stink. No seriously, we all feel super lucky when Roslyn comes strolling in with a delicious [...]

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Roslyn’s Healthy Pumpkin Cookies

A friend brought some pumpkin cookies over and told us they were healthy.  We are fully aware that “healthy” has many different levels, and our definition isn’t necessarily the same as how other people look at their food.  Did we eat them?  Absolutely!  I wasn’t going to insult my friend, and there were only six cookies.  We split and devoured them in [...]

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