Once again we get ready to bid a farewell to our Summer, can you believe school has started? We are already missing the long days and family vacations. We’re sure most of you, like us, have been extremely busy this summer. From tackling all of the summer-must-see events to soaking up the warmth! So, we didn’t want you to have to put in anymore time figuring out how to get back into the routine of Fall!

That’s why, we have put together a list of items that will help you get “back to school” ready in no time. We realize we are sending this out a littttttttle early, but we want you to get a jumpstart on getting all organized for Fall. So, tuck this away for when you need it or start stockpiling now! It is never too early to be getting ready.


#1 Change your air filters

Guys, Boise is flipping HOT. So, we are sure you have been using your air conditioner a lot during the summer months. This means that our air filters get full of gunk and restrict air flow if they don’t get changed out. So start fall off right by changing your air filters, which will help reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your home.


#2 Check doors and weather stripping

When it gets cold outside, the last thing you want is all that cold air getting in your house. Do you perhaps live in an older home? Then you NEEd to be doing this every year and possibly in between all seasons. Walk around your house and check all your doors to make sure there are no gaps between the door and the frame. We recommend doing this at different times of the day because depending on the lighting you may or may not see a gap.


#3 Drain your water heater

You’ve never done this? Well, friends, let us be the first to tell you, YOU NEED TO DO IT NOW. Did you know that by draining your hot water heater it could run its efficiency up by 50%?! This saves you so much money in the long run. It extends the life of your hot water tank and it helps to keep your hot water on demand. No more waiting around when you’re freezing and want to step into a hot shower.


#4 Check that chimney

Make sure to get your chimney inspected now. If you do it in August you are going to save money and beat the season rush. Most people wait to set up their chimney inspection in the Fall, when it is time to start having toasty fires. You can save money and time by calling a local company today and setting up an inspection.


#5 Aerate, fertilize and reseed your lawn
Aerate, fertilize and reseed your lawn, including seeding any dead spots for next year. By spring, you’ll have a revitalized lawn to start the season off with. If you wait until next Spring, you will be battling a yard all summer. Fighting off weeds, dead spots and nasty crab grass. Taking care of everything NOW will ensure less stress and less yard maintenance come next Spring/Summer.




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