When will it end? Wonder what the Real Estate Market is going to look like in 2019?

We’ve heard this question from a lot of people recently!

When will it end?

Although we could be talking about a lot of different things, this question is in reference to the booming Boise and Treasure Valley Real Estate Market we saw in 2018.  Don’t fear, we are here with information to help you navigate your Boise real estate transactions.

Boise Real Estate in 2018

2018 was a FANTASTIC Boise Real Estate year as home values went up an average of 16% across our valley!

Boise Real Estate in 2019

2019 is expected to be a similar year in terms of overall volume but don’t expect your home to increase the same amount. 2019 is expected to have longer market times for listings and a steady increase for mortgage interest rates.

So . . . When will it end?

We don’t see an end in sight only a few shifts from the fast past Boise Real Estate Market of 2018.  We realize that there are always many questions and concerns when it comes to buying or selling property in the Boise and Treasure Valley.  If you’re wondering what your real estate options for buying or selling or making a future plan for Real Estate in the Treasure Valley, we are here to help . . . or in superhero terms, SAVE THE DAY!

No Regrets!

Contact us and we’ll save you from future regret!



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