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Tracie McConnell
Tracie McConnellRealtor

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In 2013 Tracie and her family relocated to the Treasure Valley from Granger, Indiana. At the time she worked for a large healthcare organization and was offered a transfer opportunity to Boise. While the idea of moving 1700-miles away from their hometown was intimidating she and her husband Mick, a local Chiropractor, decided it was worth taking the leap. They were drawn to the beauty, adventure and active life style Boise offers and knew it would be an ideal community to raise their two daughters.

‘Having gone through a cross-country relocation myself, I have a good understanding of the challenges that come along with that decision; especially when kids are involved. Neighborhoods, schools, walking scores, shopping proximity, crime rates, entertainment and volunteer opportunities are all deciding factors when selecting a new home. We pride ourselves on not only helping you find your home but also supplying you with the resources to help you become part of a community. And that’s just one of the things we strive to do at Superhero Homes.’

In addition to being a great community resource, Tracie also has a background in staging and redesign; studying at the QC Design School. ‘When selling a home it’s important make buyers feel they would personally enjoy living in the space. We work with clients to help highlight the homes best features, which involves de-cluttering, depersonalizing, redesigning, improving curb appeal, and addressing necessary repairs’. You’ll see Tracie’s DIY projects, tips & tricks featured on our Facebook, Instagram and blog.


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