Stripping Away the Sentiment

Did you know you only get seven seconds to form a first impression?  Yep, just seven short seconds.  From the moment a potential buyer walks through the door they immediately begin to take in their surroundings. So with such a small window of opportunity it’s vital to create a space that allows buyers to visualize spending time and living in.

If you’ve sold your house or known someone who has odds are an agent or stager gave instruction to ‘depersonalize’ the home prior to listing.  Not everyone quite understands the importance of depersonalization and why it’s a must, so first lets clear that up. It’s key to know it has nothing to do with your personal taste in décor, it’s not an insult, and no we don’t think you have an unattractive family. In fact, what you have brought into your house is exactly what has made it a home and that’s a beautiful thing.  However, it’s YOUR home.  And the goal is to make it someone else’s, right?

If you want to increase interest in your property, potential buyers must be able to see themselves in the space. Not only are they looking at the overall condition of the home but they also seek an emotional connection.  Which means while we adore the pictures of little ones and precious photos of generations past we must disconnect and remove the visual representation of emotional attachment.   Buyers are hard pressed to see themselves in a home when distracted by an owners personal belongings and cherished memories.

So, how do you depersonalize?  It’s pretty simple; one of the first things you should do is take away all family photographs on display. Most people have collections of photos lining fireplace mantels, bay windows, and staircases.  Not only do these photos make the house emotionally less appealing to buyers, they can also make it appeared more cluttered. Next, Trophies and souvenirs must go; a buyer doesn’t need to see that your co-ed softball team won a championship back in 1999.  Lastly, any other other personal paraphernalia should also be cleared away.  

And remember, while this might not be an easy task, these special memories won’t be tucked away forever.  Soon you’ll be in your own next home with new nooks & crannies to proudly display your possessions and other opportunities to make a house a home, but we’ll save those tips for another post.


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