Say Farewell to Chris Carpenter Real Estate

That’s right people! Chris Carpenter Real Estate is no more…. All for a good reason though!

Don’t worry, Chris isn’t going anywhere, but the name is. Over the past year Chris and myself (Megan) have been working on multiple different marketing platforms… and no… It isn’t to be super catchy or cliche, it’s been to figure out what we can do, to bring the Treasure Valley together. When we were coming up with different ways to give back and create a superhero community, we thought the first thing we needed to do was CHANGE OUR NAME…I mean…duh!

That’s why we are introducing you to SuperHeroHomes! We wanted the name to represent our mission, our community outreach and our team as a whole. After we decided to take the plunge on a name change, our next step was to bring more superheroes onto our team. As you know, we now have a team consisting of six superheroes who are ready to take charge. However, with new team members and a new name came some new ideas… The ladies on the team noticed a slight error in our marketing. Can you spot the issue…


Uhm… Women are superheroes too!


Now THAT’S more like it.


We have changed our name, our website, our branding. We have added a new quarterly magazine and client gifts!… And best of all!?  We have some pretty exciting community involvement opportunities for our Cape Crusaders… (oh… You aren’t sure what a Cape Crusader is? Guess you’ll have to stay tuned for our next blog ;).)

You see, here at SuperHeroHomes we know we are more than just realtors. Sure, that’s what we do, what we love… But we also love helping others, growing our community and fighting ‘crime’ for the greater good. Everyone on earth, whether it be our clients, friends, family, acquaintances… We know they are ALL more than what they DO…. That’s why we want to start a movement of Cape Crusading here in the valley. Let’s be more, let’s do more and let’s join together to achieve more.

Like I said, stay tuned and hit our subscribe button to find out more… Just to give you another little hint, it involves your very own cape :). For now, we welcome you to get used to our new name and our awesome new logo that represents ALL of our inner Superheroes!


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