Rock the Holiday Parties

Once again, another year flew by. We survived the Spring, Summer, Fall and now we are on the cusp of a brand new winter and year!

With the seasons changing and 2017 coming to a close it is now time for the ever-anticipated or dreaded, depending on who you are, HOLIDAY PARTIES!

If you’re anything like the Superhero Homes team then you are busy, busy, busy this time of year. So, we put together a little guide on how to do all of these holiday parties right. Below is our step by step guide and instructions for nailing the perfect outfit, gift and party set-up!

Do you need to bring a white elephant gift?

  1. If so, make sure you know the price range. STICK to the budget. You don’t want to be the person walking in with a new sound system while everyone else brought Gingerbread houses and socks.
  2. With that being said, don’t be the lame-o. DO NOT GRAB SOMETHING FROM YOUR HOUSE THAT YOU HAVE USED. Yes, that needed to be in all caps. Do not re-gift a damaged clock or bring in a used spatula and water bottle (unless the party is intended for already used gifts). If money is an issue, make a beautiful holiday card and some homemade cookies. DO NOT bring in your dogs used chew-toy.
  3. If you are planning the party. Be courteous to your guests. If you want a $20 budget for white elephant gift then you need to send out that email asking people privately what they are up for.

Do you need to wear an ugly sweater?

  1. If you do, and you want to go big, go as a couple! With your partner or friend, couple costumes are fun. Think the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who, Christmas tree and a present, Rudolph and Santa… the list can go on and on. You are sure to win the ultimate prize by treating it like a Halloween adventure.
  2. Not in the budget or just not into going all out? Grab a sweater from your closet, hang an ornament on it and call it a day.

Planning the party? Make sure there are games.

  1. This is kind of a no-brainer. Plan games for your guests! It is the best way to acquaint people with one another and to have the best stories for days to come.
  2. Check out this link for some of the best holiday game ideas:


  1. With all of the events, planning and still showing up to work functioning throughout the week…. it can be hard to remember that this is a month for giving back. Why not designate a five dollar fee, or toy donation for people coming to your event? This can be a great way for people to help a local organization and still meet up with family and friends.


Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

Enjoy the holidays, with all the stress, cramped family time and sugar packed snacks. This is the month of enjoying friends and family and being thankful for what we have. So rock those ugly sweaters, participate in gift exchanges and who knows? Maybe you will have the new “legendary” holiday party for years to come!

Also… Here are some embarrassing pics of the Star Squad for you to giggle at!

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