New to Boise? Try This!

New to Boise? Live in Boise but need to get out? Wanna switch up your weekend activity?

Well… Let’s just say this past weekend was another validation as to why I love living here in Boise. Which is why I am telling you, ya Boise newbies or Boise..oldbies? To grab a bike, some friends and pick a destination.

See how much fun we had?


Here in Boise we are offered this beautiful piece of outdoor serenity, called the greenbelt. We kicked off our adventure at Boise State and pointed our wheels East…Towards Lucky 13, where we could get some much deserved IPA’s. Don’t have a bike? No excuse. Boise has the wonderful service of Boise Green Bike, all you have to do is go to their website or download their app, (which I will link below) and you’re able to grab a bike and set off from THAT destination! No loading up bikes in a car and driving. It’s pretty awesome and my best friend and cousin looked more comfortable than I was! Best part? It is inexpensive and you pay with your card, no rummaging for change or dollar bills!

See how comfy they looked? Sitting up all straight and perfect.

We ended up biking about 12 miles and we killed about 5 hours. Taking photos, seeing baby ducks, clinking our IPA’s and just simply enjoying being outside in the beautiful sunshine. Boise truly is the best place to live… and I just gave you an excuse to hang with some good friends and drink ice cold beers, or tea or smoothies, whichever tickles your fancy.

So if you’re new to Boise, the first thing you gotta do is experience the uniqueness, the simple pleasures and get out on that bike!
 —- Here all of your biking in town adventures await!



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