Manic Monday


As a marketing coordinator, disliking Monday’s doesn’t even make sense. Yet, Monday’s still get to me. I find this funny, simply because I am usually plugged in all of the time. I spent Sunday night working and fixing a few things, not because I’m expected to work, I just can’t turn my brain off. Therefore, it’s not like I am ever truly unplugged, my weeks roll together and sometimes Wednesday is my big work day… Truly,┬áMondays aren’t typical Mondays for me, so what gives!?

The only reason I am so plugged in all of the time is usually for small reasons. I think of grammatical errors I’ve made so I go in and fix them, or I send an email to somebody I think would be fun to work with. It is all work that I truly enjoy, it is flexible, enjoyable and taps into creative parts of my brain I sometimes forget exist. So… How come Mondays still seem hard?

For me, Mondays reminds me of all of the things I should have done or didn’t get to over the weekend. It reminds me that I put off going to the store, laundry I avoided and wondering if I am going to actually go to the gym…

This isn’t a blog about, “this is how I turn my Mondays around,” I’m just 100% not a big fan. That’s why I would like to throw this out into the universe and ask all of you (if you’re a Monday lover), what it is you do to enjoy the new week? Are there things you do the night before? The Morning of?

Basically, I wanna know where my Monday lovers are at for selfish reasons… HOW do I learn to enjoy/make the chaos more lovable!?

Shoutout to my other favorite days, Tuesday-Sunday, they’re like a best friend that just gets me.

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