Let’s Build A Home

We are excited to announce our partnership with Amor.

As most of you know, Superhero Homes, along with our passionate clients, want to be even more service oriented in 2018. While all of our team members volunteer and advocate for what they’re passionate about, we noticed we were lacking a “team” drive. Something we could wake up every day and work towards, together.

What is Amor?

They are an organization that helps build homes for families in need. Amor serves families in Mexico, South Africa and the United States. They bring food, water, backpacks, education supplies and clothing to families throughout the year. They want to help families not only put roofs over their heads but give their children a chance to become educated and have the best lives possible. A statement taken from Amor has solidified our desire to work with an organization that puts children and education first,

“Having a cement floor and shelter that protects a family from the elements dramatically increases their health. Kids are more likely to attend school when they aren’t sick, and with the solid foundation of a concrete floor they aren’t as sick as often. A home helps children get education that could break the cycle of poverty.”

In an effort to join Amor, we too want to help break the cycle of poverty and bring education and sustainability to children and their families. Their mission aligns with our goals and our passionate drives to create a safer and healthier global community. Amor has detailed their mission and their advocacy to hit on many different layers. They are striving to, “Keep families together, avert human trafficking, promote health and education, battle extreme poverty, promote dignity and strengthen communities.”

Their mission statement is simple, “Come. Build. Hope.”

That is why we are asking our clients and community members to be part of this partnership that is starting in 2018. If you can come, if you can build and if you have hope, then your are the right person for this team. Superhero Homes is dedicated to Amor’s mission. As we know many individuals in the Boise area are. According to the United Nations, “20 million children in Mexico live in extreme poverty.” This is a crisis. Not only are the living conditions extreme, the United Nations goes on to state that, “Approximately every 3.6 seconds, one child dies of starvation. Usually, a child under the age of five.” Change needs to start now and change needs to start with us. If there is a way to limit to amount of childhood poverty, Superhero Homes wants to be there to help. We want to save these children from suffering untimely deaths at the hands of extreme hunger. Through our partnership with Amor, we can help to bring hope and awareness.

Our first step in ensuring prosperity for families in need begins with raising appropriate funds. That is why from here on out proceeds from every home that is sold through Superhero Homes will go directly to building a home for a family in need. Chris Carpenter, Superhero Homes owner and realtor stated, “Our partnership could not have come at a better time. I am excited for the trip and hope we are able to bring as many clients as possible.” Our team is dedicated to bringing awareness and we hope to achieve this by selling homes and working with our clients to sponsor a trip dedicated to rebuilding the lives of our brothers and sisters.

Therefore, this next year we will also be bringing a group down to San Diego with us to help build a home! We will leave on a Friday and return on Monday. We hope to bring as many people as we can and there is no limit. We love our client community and we are thrilled that so many of you have already taken an interest in this opportunity. The adventure will start in San Diego CA. We will be shuttled down to Mexico as a team and from there the work will begin. Once in Mexico, we will be staying in tents, eating with the locals and working elbow to elbow to create a sustainable home for families in need. The amazing idea behind Amor is to not only raise money and awareness but it helps supply jobs to local men and women to help build homes,

“Parents want to provide for their family. Being in a position to receive handouts of basic necessities chips away at dignity. A job that provides a living wage allows a family to care for itself.”

We hope this experience helps to bring awareness and prosperity towards volunteering. We believe that to create a peaceful global community, it starts with us. Through education, volunteering and social awareness, we can start here by bringing countries and communities together. We hope you have passion and advocacy in your heart to join us on this adventure. To get started and join us in the mission of “Come. Build. Hope,” all we need for you to do is say yes. Say yes to education, say yes to ending poverty and say yes to bringing dignity and prosperity back to these families.

Once you have said yes, here are the steps.

  1. Email our marketing coordinator megan@superherohomes telling her you’re interested in this opportunity.
  2. Megan will then email you a comprehensive list with details and instructions.
  3. Once you have filled out the list and answered the short questions we have, you will then submit the document back to Megan.
  4. You will then be part of our updated newsletter where you will stay on top of the latest information we have about the trip. As always, feel free to connect with us at anytime about questions or concerns you may have about the partnership with Amor.

We are excited to welcome you on this journey. Let’s join together to create a togetherness with our neighboring countries, brothers and sisters.

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