Have you met Roslyn?

Roslyn is our Executive Assistant and realtor here at SuperHeroHomes. When you walk into the office you will most likely see Roslyn laughing, passing out the healthiest, tastiest treats around and she’s always making everyone feel welcome and at home. We love Roslyn’s upbeat nature and her general concern for making sure everyone is happy.  We might be biased but we believe we have one of the most gifted realtors in Boise. Roslyn always receives positive and happy feedback from her clients because she is always going above and beyond her duties as a realtor. We hope you get the chance to work with her and if not, at least meet our dear Roslyn, her light and positivity is something everyone should be surrounded by!

“I recently joined the SuperHeroHomes real estate team and I am so glad I did! Chris is not only a friend but was also mine and Shawn’s realtor. He recently helped us sell our family home in Nampa so we could be closer to our jobs and downsize since our children have left the nest.

Working for SuperHeroHomes has not only helped me grow as a realtor but it also lets me express my love for fitness and food. The second Saturday of every month I host Kid Yoga at DreamBody Fitness and I get to post regularly on our blog about how to stay fit, healthy and eat yummy foods! SuperHeroHomes has helped me grow, learn and achieve so many goals already and I cannot wait to see what else is to come!”

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