Extreme Sports? Jesse is your Guy!

My name is Jesse Walz.  My words to live by are “work hard, play hard”.  In the working world I am an Associate Broker and Certified Residential Specialist and have been selling real estate at a very high level of production since 2005.  Most of my years of sales were in Alaska and I moved to Boise with aspirations of balancing the “play hard” portion of my mantra.

My Mountain Biking experience or biking in general to include road, bmx racing, enduro racing, downhill racing, dirt jumps even skate parks have always been a part of my life.  You can say I’m in my happy place when I am behind bars.   I picked Utah for my higher education and became even more addicted to different riding disciplines during that 5-year stint starting in 1999.  A younger, wilder me got to travel with film crews while riding and helping innovate the sport.  My most memorable time from that era was a month long British Columbia tour, one of the few riding meccas to rival Utah.   After graduating college I still had some oats to sew and I moved to New Zealand where I spent my time mountain bike guiding and of course exploring everything both islands had to offer.

Boise is now my home and I couldn’t be happier with the riding out my back door as well as the proximity to what I call the “triangle”; Bend, Southern Utah and BC.


Ride on.

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