Extreme Sports? Jesse is your Guy!

My name is Jesse Walz.  My words to live by are “work hard, play hard”.  In the working world I am an Associate Broker and Certified Residential Specialist and have been selling real estate at a very high level of production since 2005.  Most of my years of sales were in Alaska and I moved [...]

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Our Favorite Design Expert!

In 2013 Tracie and her family relocated to the Treasure Valley from Granger, Indiana. At the time she worked for a large healthcare organization and was offered a transfer opportunity to Boise. While the idea of moving 1700-miles away from their hometown was intimidating she and her husband Mick, a local Chiropractor, decided it was [...]

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Have you met Roslyn?

Roslyn is our Executive Assistant and realtor here at SuperHeroHomes. When you walk into the office you will most likely see Roslyn laughing, passing out the healthiest, tastiest treats around and she's always making everyone feel welcome and at home. We love Roslyn's upbeat nature and her general concern for making sure everyone is happy. [...]

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Long Weekends and Big Adventures

If you recently moved to Boise and are thinking, "yeah it is super outdoorsy but where are the mountains!? Isn't this IDAHO!?" Not to bring down the perfect-ness of Boise because 1. yes we do have wonderful rolling hills surrounding us and 2. This is my favorite place...ever. However, when I first moved here, I [...]

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Stripping Away the Sentiment

Did you know you only get seven seconds to form a first impression?  Yep, just seven short seconds.  From the moment a potential buyer walks through the door they immediately begin to take in their surroundings. So with such a small window of opportunity it’s vital to create a space that allows buyers to visualize [...]

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