Deadlines Will Save Us All

Recently, we sent our first edition of our magazine to press! We can't wait for you to receive your first copy and we definitely want to hear what you think. This past month has been a whirlwind. Between finishing the blog, traveling to Texas and just our everyday work lives, we could not be more [...]

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Today at one of mine and Chris' 'Coffee Talk' meetings he mentioned he hadn't seen a blog in awhile. Obviously, annoyed, I replied, "Uh, what do you mean?" As I was thinking, 'they're on our WEBSITE....HELLO!' Much to my surprise as I went to prove him wrong and prove that I had been spending hours, writing, researching [...]

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Huge Party Update! Prizes, Food & Capes!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! As you may have heard, Chris has been nominated for Best of Boise Realtor!  We are very grateful to everyone who nominated and voted for Chris and we’d be so be awarded the title! If Chris wins, we have decided to throw a huge party! What better way to thank all of [...]

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you can be more than one

“What you are is a multipotentialite.” The other day as I was at the grocery store, I bumped into somebody I was once acquainted with. We exchanged pleasantries about what we were up to, where we worked and how life was generally going. When the subject of daily life came up, my friend groaned and [...]

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BINGO & Client Appreciation At Murph’s Corner Brew

  Here at CCRE is an exciting time! We have officially started BINGO! Last year was such a blast that we decided to jumpstart it this year a few weeks early. This year is a little different because we are waiting for 5 blackout winners and not just one! We have been so appreciative of [...]

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