Say Farewell to Chris Carpenter Real Estate

That's right people! Chris Carpenter Real Estate is no more.... All for a good reason though! Don't worry, Chris isn't going anywhere, but the name is. Over the past year Chris and myself (Megan) have been working on multiple different marketing platforms... and no... It isn't to be super catchy or cliche, it's been to [...]

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Pen Pal Neighbors

I have always believed that small gestures make huge impacts. Recently I have been on the go, way more than usual. Friends and family have been coming to town, we've hosted work events, Christmas parties, etc. You know, normal holiday month stuff. After a particularly long day, I was hauling in groceries and slipping and [...]

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Roslyn’s Hoodlum Children

  I am trusted with a group of hoodlum pre-teen girls from my church.  Just to be clear - all kids are hoodlums; I don't mean that in a derogatory way.  (That's what I called my own when they were little, and now all adorable children have that label.) This group of girls meets with me twice [...]

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Bringing Joy to the Community

Here are 32 quick ideas, thought up by Chris, that are simple and really could bring some Christmas cheer to someone’s day!  Let us know if you give any of these ideas a try.   Pay for someone’s layaway. Pay for someone’s groceries behind you in line. Take flowers to the nurse’s station at your [...]

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The end of the year brings many types of "leftovers" For one, we have our Thanksgiving feasts. No matter what, there is always way too much food leftover. Endless recipes following Thanksgiving are filled with turkey, potatoes and fake cranberry sauce. All can be turned into new dinners, such as casseroles and stews. However, no [...]

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What Are Your Traditions?

Thanksgiving is among us! Turkey, biscuits, family, traveling... All wrapped up into one neatly put together chaotic mess. Who doesn't love the holidays? Whether you're the Brady Bunch or completely dysfunctional, we're sure you have traditions, right? This year my boyfriends family moved all the way to Florida, my family is spread from North Idaho [...]

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Welcome our New Team Member, Tracie McConnell!

I’m beyond excited to announce I’m joining forces with the Superhero Homes team! For those who don’t know me, I thought I’d share a little about myself… In February of 2013 our family relocated to the Treasure Valley from Granger, Indiana. My husband Mick, a chiropractor, took over a practice in Nampa while I transferred [...]

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