I Can’t Buy a House

I can’t buy a house….

That seems to be the theme around real estate lately… Right? Everyone looks at the market almost obsessively and we get that. You want to make the right decision for you, for your family, for your future. Makes sense.

Right now people see a sellers market and all they think about is how they are going to get scammed into paying more and drowning in a large house payment. We get that too.

Recently you may have seen or even participated in our survey. We wanted to understand the fears behind why people are concerned about buying. As Chris always says, “we have the curse of knowledge.” By being in real estate we know more than the average person, which isn’t always a good thing. Shocking? It shouldn’t be, we sit here studying the market, studying the shifts and the movements when in reality, realtors need to also be studying their clients, so WE can better serve YOU.

Sure, we can rattle off why building equity is smart, why you’re actually in a great spot to buy when it is a “sellers” market but that doesn’t diminish your fears. As realtors we are here to help you make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Therefore, it is our duty to eliminate the fear. To understand where you are coming from, what you’re hearing that could be misleading and we’re here to help you develop a plan.

SuperHeroHomes is dedicated to building relationships and making sure our clients are cared for. That means we spent hours researching and understanding all of our clients. We have worked endlessly on developing a product to help eliminate your fears. Next week we will be offering a plan for you. This is what we have gathered from the fears and questions from our clients. We hope that this plan of attack and this understanding will lead you to feeling more comfortable and confident when making the decision to buy a home.

Here at SuperHeroHomes we fully value our clients and we value the relationships that we have built with each and everyone of you. So if you have fears or know someone wanting to buy but has a fear of the market right now. Stay tuned, because next week we hope to help squash those fears and help you to take control over your future and your life!

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